Easy Origami House – How to Make House Step by Step

Creating an easy origami house is an enjoyable craft that brings the art of paper folding to life. This delightful project is perfect for beginners, offering a simple yet rewarding experience in the world of origami. By following a few straightforward steps, you can transform a square sheet of paper into a charming miniature house, showcasing your creativity and dexterity.

Origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, has captured the imagination of people around the globe. Crafting an origami house allows you to delve into this captivating tradition, requiring only a few basic supplies: a square sheet of origami paper and a flat, well-lit surface for folding. The step-by-step process is designed with beginners in mind, making it an ideal activity for individuals of all ages.

Through clear and concise instructions, you’ll be guided through each fold, crease, and tuck, gradually bringing your origami house to life. The sense of accomplishment derived from fashioning something intricate from a simple sheet of paper is both satisfying and meditative. Whether you’re embarking on this creative journey alone or with friends and family, crafting an easy origami house promises a delightful way to explore the art of origami while creating a charming decorative piece for your living space.

Materials needed

Square origami paper with the colored side facing down.

How do you make an origami House step by step?

Sure, I’d be happy to guide you through creating an origami house step by step. For this project, you’ll need a square sheet of origami paper. If you don’t have origami paper, you can easily cut a square from any regular paper.

Step 1


Begin with the colored side of the origami paper facing downwards.

Proceed to fold the paper in half:

Gently unfold the paper, revealing a distinct crease running through the center:

Step 2


Fold both the top and bottom halves of the paper towards the center crease, aligning them neatly with it.

Finally, fold the paper in half once again.:

Step 3


Now, carefully unfold the paper to its original state.

Turn the paper over, so the other side is facing up, and fold both of its sides towards the center crease, ensuring they align precisely with it.

Gently “pry” open the upper-left corner as shown:

Step 4


Press it down to create a triangular shape.

Repeat the same step for the top-right corner.

Now, flip the paper over, and there you have it – a charming origami house!

Frequently Asked Question

What supplies do I need to make an origami house?

You’ll need a square sheet of origami paper. Traditional origami paper works best due to its square shape and durability. However, you can also trim regular paper into a square.

Can I use any size of origami paper?

While any size can work, it’s recommended to start with a medium-sized square (around 6×6 inches) for ease of folding, especially if you’re new to origami.

Are there any specific folding techniques I should know?

You’ll need to know basic origami folds like the valley fold, mountain fold, and inside reverse fold. These are commonly used in creating the origami house.

How do I begin folding the origami house?

Start with the colored side of the paper facing down. Fold the paper in half diagonally both ways to create creases, then unfold. This will create guidelines for the subsequent folds.

Can I personalize my origami house?

Absolutely! Before folding, you can decorate the paper with markers or colored pencils to add windows, doors, and other details to your house.

What’s the trickiest part of making the origami house?

The roof can be a bit challenging. Pay close attention to the instructions for the roof folds, as they involve intricate creases and tucks.

How do I ensure my origami house stays together?

Make precise folds and creases, pressing down firmly with your fingernail or a tool. This will help keep your origami house stable.


Crafting an origami house is a delightful journey into the world of paper folding. This creative endeavor allows you to transform a simple square of paper into a charming miniature house, all while exploring the ancient art of origami. Through a series of carefully guided folds, creases, and tucks, you’ll witness the transformation of paper into a three-dimensional work of art.

Origami houses offer not only a chance to exercise your creativity but also an opportunity to develop patience and precision. As you progress through the steps and witness your creation taking shape, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will accompany each fold.

Remember, practice is key. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t flawless – even experienced origami enthusiasts encounter challenges. Each fold you make is a step closer to mastering this art form, and with time, you’ll refine your skills and create increasingly intricate pieces.

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