How to Make an Easy Origami Sunflower

Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, allows us to transform a simple sheet of paper into intricate creations that bring joy and beauty to our surroundings. In this tutorial, you will embark on a creative journey to craft an easy origami sunflower, a timeless symbol of warmth and happiness.

The sunflower, with its vibrant petals and captivating center, has long been admired for its cheerful demeanor and association with sunshine. This origami project is a wonderful opportunity for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts to explore the art form’s elegance while embracing the joys of nature’s inspiration.

With just a few folds and a sprinkle of patience, you’ll learn how to craft a delightful sunflower that can brighten up your living space, serve as a charming gift, or even be a fun crafting activity to share with friends and family. Our step-by-step instructions and accompanying visuals will guide you through each fold, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable creative process.

Materials you’ll need:

A square sheet of origami paper (yellow for petals, brown for the center)

How do you make an Origami Sunflower step by step?

In the following step-by-step guide, we’ll unravel the secrets behind creating your very own origami sunflower. With patience and precision, you’ll master the art of folding to craft a symbol of nature’s brilliance that can adorn your surroundings or be shared as a heartfelt gift. So, gather your paper and enthusiasm as we embark on a creative journey that merges the tranquility of origami with the beauty of a sunflower’s bloom.

Creating an origami sunflower involves a series of folds and manipulations to transform a square piece of paper into a beautiful representation of the flower. Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own origami sunflower:

Step 1

Start with a square piece of origami paper, placing the colored side facedown. If you’re using standard 8.5×11 paper, adhere to these steps to transform it into a square shape.

Fold the paper in half horizontally, aligning the left edge with the right edge, and then unfold it.

Step 2

Once more, fold the paper in half, this time from the top edge to the bottom edge. Then, unfold the paper once again.

Take the top left corner and fold it towards the center of the paper.

Step 3

Fold the remaining three corners towards the center as well. The final result should resemble the image provided.

Choose one of the flaps and fold it outwards in the manner shown.

Proceed to fold out the rest of the flaps in a similar fashion.

Step 4

Flip the figure over to the other side.

To craft the stem, take a fresh piece of paper and position it with the colored side facing downwards.

Fold the upper left corner down to the bottom right corner, and then carefully unfold the fold you just made.

Step 5

Bring the left edge of the paper towards the center crease and make a fold.

Next, fold the bottom edge of the paper towards the center crease, creating a shape reminiscent of a kite, similar to the illustration provided.

Step 6

Once more, fold the bottom edge towards the center crease.

From the bottom, select a section and fold it diagonally upwards, aligning with the visual reference.

Flip the figure over to its opposite side.

Lastly, secure the sunflower to the stem using tape. Well done!

Frequently Asked Question

What materials do I need to make the origami sunflower?

To create your origami sunflower, you’ll need square sheets of origami paper in two different colors – one for the petals and one for the center. You’ll also need a flat surface to work on and a dash of creativity!

Can I use regular paper instead of origami paper?

While origami paper is ideal due to its square shape and thin texture, you can use regular paper if you cut it into a square shape. However, note that thicker paper might be a bit harder to fold and shape.

I’m new to origami. Is this project suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This sunflower design is tailored for beginners. The folds are simple and well-explained in our step-by-step guide, making it a great introduction to origami.

How long will it take to complete the sunflower?

The time required depends on your experience level and the pace at which you fold. Generally, it shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes to complete.

Can I use different colors for the petals and center?

Definitely! Feel free to experiment with various color combinations to make your sunflower unique and personalized.

What if my folds aren’t perfect?

Origami is about embracing imperfections and enjoying the creative process. If your folds aren’t perfect, don’t worry! The beauty of handmade items lies in their uniqueness.


As you complete the final folds of your origami sunflower, take a moment to admire the transformation of a simple piece of paper into a stunning representation of nature’s beauty. The journey you’ve embarked upon is not just about crafting an object; it’s about embracing the meditative and creative aspects of origami.

Through this tutorial, you’ve learned the fundamental techniques of paper folding, unlocking the potential to create an array of origami wonders beyond just sunflowers. Remember that practice is key, and each fold you master opens the door to even more intricate designs.

Your origami sunflower is more than just a decorative piece—it’s a reminder of your patience, dedication, and ability to bring art to life with your hands. Whether adorning your space or brightening someone’s day as a gift, your creation embodies the spirit of the sunflower itself: a symbol of joy, positivity, and growth.

Origami is an art form that transcends time and culture, allowing us to connect with the beauty of simplicity and the power of creation. So, as you place your sunflower in a special spot, may it inspire you to explore further, innovate with paper, and continue to craft a world of elegance and imagination.

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