How to Make an Origami Pumpkin

This article may include affiliate links. To learn more about these links and their implications, kindly refer to my comprehensive disclosure policy. As October dawns upon us, the anticipation for Halloween and Thanksgiving grows stronger. In the spirit of these festive occasions, I present to you a delightful and engaging activity for children – crafting a 3D origami pumpkin.

Not only will this tutorial keep kids entertained, but the resulting miniature pumpkins can also serve as charming centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner table. The instructions for creating these adorable origami pumpkins are refreshingly uncomplicated.

Even youngsters can easily follow along and participate in the creative process. By engaging in this craft, children can cultivate their fine motor skills, boost their creativity, and revel in the joy of bringing something tangible to life with their own hands.


  • Origami craft paper.
  • Colorful craft papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.

How do you make an origami Pumpkin step by step?.

Creating an origami pumpkin is a delightful craft that captures the spirit of autumn. Follow these step-by-step instructions to fold a charming pumpkin using a square sheet of orange origami paper. In just a few folds, you’ll have a festive decoration to adorn your space. Let’s get started!

Sure! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make an origami pumpkin:

Step 1

Grab a square piece of orange origami paper.

Fold it in half diagonally.

Unfold the fold, revealing the resulting creases as depicted below.

Step 2

Next, fold the paper once more at the center, following the given demonstration.

Carefully unfold the fold, and observe the progress of your origami pumpkin.

Proceed to fold the paper, aligning it with the pre-existing creases we created in the earlier steps.

Step 3

Continuing with the process, apply the same method to the back part of the paper. This will further enhance the three-dimensional appearance of your paper pumpkin.

Begin by taking the left corner of the top flap and folding it towards the inside.

Step 4

Extend the same folding technique to the back part of the paper.

Start by taking the top point from the left side and folding it outward along the designated line.

Afterward, fold it back inwards along the outer line. For additional guidance, refer to the provided origami pumpkin images.

Step 5

Repeat the aforementioned method on the opposite side as well, ensuring symmetry in the folds.

Once all the folds are complete, you will notice a hole on the top of your origami piece.

Proceed to blow air into the hole, gently inflating it. This will add volume and dimension to your creation.

Step 6

Using a green rectangular craft paper, cut out a leaf shape.

Next, take the rectangular craft paper and roll it tightly to form a stick-like shape.

To add detail to the leaf, make diagonal folds on it, giving it a more textured appearance.

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Frequently Asked Question

What materials do I need to make an origami pumpkin?

To make an origami pumpkin, you will need a square sheet of orange origami paper.

Can I use a different color of paper?

While orange is the traditional color for pumpkins, you can use any color of paper you prefer.

How big should the origami paper be?

The size of the paper can vary, but a square sheet measuring around 15 cm (6 inches) on each side is a good starting point.

Are there any special folding techniques involved?

The origami pumpkin involves basic folds such as diagonal folds, valley folds, and mountain folds.

Can children make this origami pumpkin?

Yes, children with basic folding skills can enjoy making an origami pumpkin with adult supervision.

Are there any specific steps to follow?

Yes, the steps include folding diagonally, creating triangular folds, and shaping the pumpkin by folding corners inward.

How long does it take to make an origami pumpkin?

It typically takes about 10-15 minutes to complete an origami pumpkin, depending on your folding speed.


Crafting an origami pumpkin is a wonderful way to celebrate the fall season and showcase your creative skills. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can transform a simple square sheet of orange origami paper into a delightful pumpkin-shaped masterpiece.

Throughout the folding process, each crease and fold adds character and dimension to the final result. From the initial diagonal folds to shaping the pumpkin’s curves, every step brings you closer to a charming origami creation.

The beauty of making an origami pumpkin lies in the simplicity and accessibility of the craft. With just a few folds, you can bring a touch of autumn to your home, office, or any space in need of seasonal decoration. Additionally, the use of orange paper perfectly captures the essence of pumpkins, while adding a warm and festive touch to your surroundings.

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