Origami Paper Parrot | How to make paper bird

Welcome to the captivating world of origami, where we will embark on a delightful journey to create a charming and colorful paper parrot. Origami, the ancient art of paper folding, allows us to transform a simple sheet of paper into intricate and lifelike shapes.

Our endeavor begins with a square sheet of vibrant origami paper, ready to be molded into a splendid parrot that will come to life in our hands. Throughout this creative process, we will learn the art of precision folding, bringing grace and elegance to our feathered friend.

With each step, we will carefully fold, tuck, and shape the paper, following the instructions diligently to unveil the unique characteristics of this beautiful parrot. As the parrot takes form, you will witness the magic of origami unfolding before your very eyes.

In this journey, we will experience the joy of crafting something by hand, a meditative practice that fosters patience and concentration. The art of origami not only nurtures our creativity but also nurtures a sense of accomplishment as we witness our creation coming to fruition.

Materials needed:

A square sheet of origami paper with colored side facing down.

How do you make an origami Parrot step by step?

Delve into the art of origami with our step-by-step guide to creating an enchanting origami parrot. Using a single square sheet of paper, discover the magic of folding and sculpting as you bring this delightful bird to life. Follow precise instructions to craft an exquisite parrot, and immerse yourself in the meditative joy of this ancient art form. Unleash your creativity, and watch as simplicity transforms into a beautiful avian masterpiece before your eyes. Let’s embark on this captivating journey together and create a vibrant origami parrot that will surely impress and inspire.

Creating an origami parrot requires precise folding and attention to detail. Follow these step-by-step instructions to craft your own beautiful origami parrot:

Step 1

Fold the square diagonally to create a triangle. The exterior of the resulting triangle will represent the color of the parrot’s body, while the interior will represent the head color.
Align number 2’s on the white side of the template with the fold, ensuring that the white portion becomes the head color and the red portion becomes the body color.

Step 2

Begin by unfolding the triangle. Next, fold the two bottom edges of the triangle in such a way that they align perfectly with the center crease. As a result, the paper will now be in the shape of a kite. Make sure to match the 4’s on the template to guide the folding accurately.

Now, take the top of the kite and fold it backward, while keeping the two flapped sides (the red side on the template) facing towards you.

Step 3

Fold the corners of the top section by bringing the top edge towards the center crease until it aligns flush. Use the template’s 6’s as a guide to ensure accurate matching.

Afterward, unfold the folds made earlier to return to the triangle shape. Now, hold the paper steadily near the center, using the template’s 6a and 6b marks as reference points.

At the top center of the triangle, pull down and out on the corner of one of the flaps while simultaneously pushing down and in on the top corner.

Step 4

To continue, ensure that the crease created in the previous step (template crease 6) now becomes the outside edge of the paper, matching the 7’s on the template. Repeat this folding process on the other side as well.

Next, fold the tips of the shape upwards, making sure that the inside edge aligns parallel with the crease on the same triangle. Use the “crease 8a/8b” line on the template to guide this fold accurately.

Then, fold the bottom section of the shape upwards, ensuring it aligns flush with the bottom of the folds made in the previous step. To achieve this, match the 9’s on the template to help with the correct folding.

Step 5

Create a second fold on the long triangle, positioned a short distance from the bottom. (Fold along the line marked “fold 10” on the template.)

Now, bring both sides together, aligning them along the center crease, and make sure to hide all the previous folds on the inside. (Match the markings labeled “11” on the template.)

To achieve the desired result, gently pull the bottom to rotate the tail, approximately 45 degrees.

Step 6

To create the beak, fold the top corner inwards, aligning the top edge to the inside of the fold. A portion of the fold will stick out, forming the beak of the figure. The indicated points labeled “13” on the template will serve as the positions for the eyes.

You can optionally add an eye by making a pen mark at the desired location on one or both sides of the figure.

Frequently Asked Question

What is origami?

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, where intricate and beautiful shapes are created by folding a single sheet of paper without cutting or gluing.

Is origami difficult to learn?

Origami can be challenging at first, but with practice and patience, anyone can learn to create various designs, including the paper parrot.

What materials do I need to make the paper parrot?

To create the origami paper parrot, you’ll need square origami paper in different colors and a flat surface to work on.

Are there specific folding techniques I should know?

Yes, origami involves various folding techniques like valley folds, mountain folds, and reverse folds. The instructions will guide you through each step.

Can children participate in making the paper parrot?

Absolutely! Origami is an excellent activity for children, helping them develop fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity.

How long does it take to make the paper parrot?

The time to complete the paper parrot varies based on your experience and the complexity of the design. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.

Can I customize the paper parrot’s appearance?

Yes, you can add your unique touch by choosing different colors of origami paper or decorating the parrot with additional details like eyes or feathers.

What other origami designs can I explore?

Origami offers a vast array of possibilities. Apart from the paper parrot, you can explore designs like flowers, animals, and geometric shapes, each offering its own creative challenge.


Our origami paper parrot journey has been a delightful and rewarding experience. Throughout the process, we’ve learned the art of precision folding, turning a simple sheet of paper into a captivating and lifelike parrot. The intricate steps involved in creating this beautiful piece have allowed us to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that origami offers.

Beyond just crafting a paper parrot, this journey has also given us a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of origami, an ancient Japanese art form that has captured hearts worldwide. Its meditative and therapeutic qualities have not only honed our creativity but also instilled patience and focus.

By participating in this activity, children and adults alike have been able to exercise their fine motor skills, ignite their imagination, and enjoy a sense of accomplishment as the parrot takes shape before their eyes.

Origami is not merely about folding paper; it is a journey of self-discovery and expression. Each fold and crease we make represents an extension of ourselves, resulting in a unique and personalized creation.

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